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A Note on Sustainability

Skin's passion for sustainability, transparency, and quality drives everything we do. We invite you to discover the essence of Skin, from the beginning, we have been dedicated to your ultimate comfort and well-being. Let us guide you on a journey of pure comfort and luxury with Skin, where you can indulge in the style and ease of toxin-free fabrics.

What is Sustainability to you?


It's been a complicated subject for all industries and businesses that make products as I think they have made the language around it so complicated to understand.  There are not clear definitions or measurements that are consistent to all industries, therefore the confusion.

I always say how you do one thing, is how you do everything, so for me, my own value system has guided and shaped and was built into my business from the first day I opened the brand.

I look at sustainability in terms of the state of health. Without health we have no life and no business.  I have always emphasized using materials that are healthy for the body, ( certified organic cotton, recycled materials, non toxic dyes, and compostable and recycled plastic bags.  We as a team consider every person who touches the products, from the farmers, to the sewers, to the sellers to all of us who wear them.

I consider not just physical health but mental and spiritual health too.  It is all connected. It is all contained within the " skin" .  How does the product make you feel, so prioritizing comfort and joy is all a part of living a sustainable life too!

There are so many other factors to sustainability which we address in our company,  but this is where I start, with a value system.

Why do you look at sustainability in this way?

I think nature is one of my most favorite parts of life.  

Growing up in small town life, digging tunnels in the earth, playing hide and seek behind Oak trees,  eating home grown food from our garden, swimming in lakes, and playing outside from dawn to sundown, nature was an essential part of childhood.   I didn't realize the  impact that nature  had on my nervous system or my health until I was an adult and faced the stressful events of life. As an adult , I also learned about carcinogenic and toxic chemicals that were sometimes used on the crops , in the air, and in the lakes, and that made me mad and scared.  I knew I needed and wanted to do my part, and do better so others could live a healthy life . 

I am in awe of Mother Earth. I  benefit from her healing properties and have such respect and reverence for the incredible beauty , adventure , nourishment and peace   nature provides.  It is my mission to bring these qualities to everyone who encounters skin.

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