Your Four Step Guide to Packing Lightly

Your Four Step Guide to Packing Lightly
Checked luggage—it’s impossible to carry, gets lost by the airlines, and becomes a massive time suck when you’re supposed to be relaxing on vacation.
The next time you travel, don’t take a full suitcase. Opt for a carry on. It will save you time, money, and energy. Here are Skin’s four tips to fitting your vacation wardrobe into your hand-held luggage.

Your Four Step Guide to Packing Lightly

The Vida Wrap

1. Wrap yourself in layers of comfort on the plane

Remember when airlines used to attend to your comfort? Well, we’ve taken over that now.
We believe you don’t have to choose between comfort and style. You don’t need to have itchy labels, buttons, or zippers pressing into you when you’re leaning against the window of the airplane.
Our styles are made from Pima cotton blends that have a rich, soft touch and are able to carry you through a variety of climates due to their lightweight versatility. When you strategically layer your clothing, you protect yourself from suffering from the cold air in the plane and the heatwave happening in your final destination.
Our go-to plane outfit includes: the Margaux Tee, the Marci Pant, and our all-time favorite the Vida Wrap.
The Vida Wrap is the perfect alternative to an unwashed plane pillow (blech!). Wear it as a scarf, fold it into a neck rest, use it a beach blanket—or even wear it as an accessory out for dinner or lunch.
@jo_lorenz in the Marina Maillot
  • 2. Pack versatile pieces 

  • We believe life is rich and full of possibilities. Therefore your clothing needs to carry you through your daily adventures so that you can partake in the richness of life.
    All of our pieces are designed for multi-functionality that can carry you from day to night (or night to day) with elegance and grace.
    The Marina Maillot swimsuit you packed suddenly turns into a gorgeous body suit that you can wear out to a luxurious dinner. Blogger @jo_lorenz paired it with a beautiful long robe perfect for a day on the beach. 
    Our Blakely Dress can be worn out to breakfast, as a beach cover up, or casual dress—and those comfortable Marci Pant and Margaux Tee you wore on the plane can be worn during the daytime while out on a shopping spree. When you pack better pieces, less is always more.
    Dinah Sleep Shirt
  • 3. Find a color scheme 

  • When packing a small wardrobe stick to a set color scheme of neutrals, light colors, and bold blacks + blue hues. This allows you to mix and match with ease to create creative outfits, and boost your wardrobe options while on vacation without breaking your back trying to carry a full size luggage.  
    Willow Bra
  • 4. Pack extra lingerie

  • The easiest way to add personality to your wardrobe is to play around with different lingerie styles. For example, the Dinah Sleep Shirt can be elevated with a gorgeous Willow Bra that peeks out from the edges of the sleep shirt when worn slightly unbuttoned and belted. It completely transforms your outfit and adds a layer of fluidity that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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